Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 6, 2009 Cornbread Supper

Cornbreads all came from Maria Polushkin Robbins' small, wonderful, 1989 book, American Corn, first introduced to Rona by a friend during Cornbread Supper 1:

* Drowned Corn Bread (vegetarian, sweet, with a custard on top -- in theory!)
* Couche-Couche (which sounds a lot like fried cornmeal, and came out beautifully, like crispy fried cornbread in lumps. Yep - not to be missed!
* Spoonbread: Because the oven has to be at 400 degrees anyway! And most particularly because Ambi Stone of Elmwood Stock Farm gave Rona and Steve a wonderful gift of "homemade" Hickory King cornmeal from Jennifer Gleason's Sunflower Sundries in Mt. Olivet, Kentucky

People brought lots of tasty things, and we have only a spotty record from a few little labels people left behind:

> Cranberry walnut - contains egg
> Pumpkin choc chop muffins, oatmeal-cranberry muffins
> Veggies -n- dip
> Transparent Pie
> Vegetable Lo Mein

And yes, it was a big night for big, glorious tulips.

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