Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rules? Expectations? Dress Code? Kids? Drinks?

What kind of event are Cornbread Suppers?

Weeknight, comfortable, convivial, slow affairs. Something like this:

  1. Regular, repeating - We want Cornbread Supper on Mondays at 6, to become a standing option for you, so we host Supper weekly with any number of participants.
  2. Optional potluck: It's a potluck IF you have time to bring something. If you don't have time, you can count on us each week to serve a hearty dish of cornbread/grits/spoonbread/hush puppies/tamales/corn-on-the-cob -- simple corn-based nourishment that will get you through. So if you want to come, please come with or without food contributions.
  3. Child friendly: Children are most certainly invited and wanted.
  4. Open door/Big Table: Invite and bring other people. (Starting with your loved ones for whom we don't have email addresses; all are welcome.)
  5. Drinks: We'll have water, of course, and occasionally may also add in wine or other good things that come our way. Feel free to bring drinks you like or would like to share.
  6. Dress code - sure - wear something. Whatever you are wearing will suffice.
  7. Food code - Let's try for simple, good, share-able. Of course we will be delighted with local, seasonal, homegrown -- so good for us and our community -- but all contributions welcome. We'll work to make sure some of the Basic Corn Feature each week is vegetarian (ovo-lacto, probably not vegan). Meat dishes and those who eat them (as we do) are welcome, of course. See "What Should I Bring" if you want a little more guidance. 
  8. Co-hosts welcome - If you think you might like to be part of a co-host group for the suppers, let Steve or Rona know. It is great when people pitch in, and there may be times when the suppers could move around to other houses.

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