Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 20, 2009, Cornbread Supper - Trying Out Cornbread Bread Pudding

When in the course of human events the cornbread supply in the freezer builds up to a critical mass -- and Thanksgiving is on the other side of the calendar -- what to do? We decided we could invent Cornbread Bread Pudding, and with a little help from the internet, though without an actual recipe, we built a new dish. Quite popular, moist and savory, and very likely to appear at intervals at Cornbread Suppers. Specifically, we made this dish with homegrown Wayne County corn (frozen, of course), Blue Moon green garlic, fresh Elmwood Stock Farm Eggs, Weisenberger Unbolted White Corn meal, and local buttermilk.

Other cornbreads:

* Couche-couche - vegan, crunchy (from American Corn by Maria Polushkin Robbins)
* Drunken Corn Bread - sweet, yellow, vegetarian (also from American Corn) (which Rona still cannot get to produce the promised layer of custard, though it is tasty and definitely has a moist layer)

Other wonderful foods people brought (from left-behind labels) - some of the total for the nearly 40 diners:
> 3 pea toss with almonds & mint
> Jessamine County goat cheese
> Vegetable Lo Mein
> Beet Salad (includes celery and red onions) vegan
> Spicy chickpeas; vegetarian, not vegan
> Vegetarian Pakistani Lentils
> Not Vegetarian Beans w/Bacon

And....drum roll...HOMEMADE PLAY DOUGH!!!

With the recipe!

The Best Play Dough Ever
4 cups of flour
1 cup salt
4 cups of water
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 cup cream of tartar

Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan. Cook and stir over low/medium heat until play dough is completely formed and no longer sticky. Allow to cool slightly before storing in an air tight container or zip lock bag.

Brought to us by the same wonderful people who also bring stunning Tomato Bisque, corn pudding, Pakistani lentils, and a budding anthropologist, a five year old documentarian.

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