Thursday, April 30, 2009

You're Invited to Cornbread Suppers -- And Why We Do Them in the First Place

Here's how Steve and Rona answer the big question: Why Cornbread Suppers??

We host a weekly shared supper, and invite anyone who wants to come (YOU, for example) for these reasons:

1. To offer a standing option to make one weeknight meal convivial

2. To establish a "Cornbread Salon" where the people behind all manner of good projects and ideas can connect

3. To lighten burdens and add joy

4. To nourish body, mind, spirit, and community

Background: For a long time, we have wanted to host a weekly gathering for friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Steve co-hosted a weekly potluck and music gathering at the time he and Rona met. Rona liked that gathering, the music, and the openness of the hospitality very much.

Why cornbread? We got the Cornbread Supper idea from this excellent story by Judy Walker in The Times-Picayune. Then we learned more about how well corn, cornbread(s) and Kentucky fit together - and we got out the cast iron skillets, turned on the oven, and opened the front door.

If you want to know more about the expectations, rules, and "culture" of Cornbread Supper before trying it out, here's your information.

All are invited. No RSVP necessary. New people come most weeks.

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