Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 11, 2009: We tried Mexican-Italian-Swiss-USA Cornbread

Multinational CornbreadThe big dish, a variation on Paula Ann Abbott's Mexican Cornbread, included Stone Cross Farm sausage, Swiss cheese, local Sapori d'Italia aged goat cheese, homegrown Wayne County corn, Campsie green garlic, Elmwood Stock Farm's 2008 sweet red peppers (roasted and frozen) as well as their gorgeous pastured, free range, certified eggs, and more.

I also tried Drowned Cornbread a third time - and that's it for that idea, until someone develops a better way to make the American Corn recipe work with its promised layer of custard.

The third cornbread was an olive oil version of traditional Kentucky/buttermilk/boiling water, baked in sticks, muffins, and a small skillet.

I failed to collect little descriptive food labels after people left, except for the one labeled "Pink Beauty Radishes from the Koch backyard." Beauties for sure! And they appealed to one of our one-year-old Cornbreaders, who ate several as if they were popsicles.

I remember a wonderfully aromatic chick pea dish, several lovely salads, and objects on the dessert table - but not what they were. Any reminders welcome!

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