Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 4, 2009: Lots of People, Lots of Children

Beautiful platter that held local caprese saladFunny how good the "every bit local"caprese-style salad looked after the long months without fresh local tomatoes. The big platter of Bleugrass Chevre goat cheese/Roland Macintosh hydroponic tomato/homegrown herbs/vinaigrette may have lasted three minutes - and then the beautiful pattern on the platter underneath got to show itself off.

A lovely large crowd of people brought a record-setting number of young people with them, many of whom ended up moist (that's a euphemism) from (parentally approved) play in outdoor puddles, romps through the back yard, climbs on the mulch pile, and other adventures. Quite a few people new to the Cornbread Suppers appeared this week, with and without children.

The left behind food labels for the evening included these:
  • Chili with beef + beans + ??
  • Grandma Neal's homegrown pepper relish (McCreary County) SPICY
  • Zucchini and yellow squash saute' -- vegetarian, vegan
  • Rhubarb Compote
  • Chocolate pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream
  • Trifle: Blue, black, and raspberries w/organic cream & yogurt
  • Rice Pudding with Cinnamon - enjoy!

Cornbreads for the evening:
  • New England (sweet) Corn Muffins with Reed Valley blueberries (vegetarian)
  • Add-in Cornbread; corn, bacon, Campsie green garlic
  • Traditional buttermilk hot water cornbread: sticks, muffins, pone

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