Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 1: "These flavors work together." And a bonus: Ripe mulberries...

For the June 1 Cornbread Supper, the Polenta with Garlicky Greens turned out to be my favorite corn recipe so far. I also liked the cornmeal dessert -- Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Lemon Glaze and Crushed Blueberry Sauce -- but it was not my favorite of the many cornmeal desserts we have tried.

One Cornmeal Supperian brought a peanut noodle dish that quickly emptied. She generously wrote afterwards, sharing the URL for the online recipe from 101 Cookbooks: Lazy Day Peanut Noodle Salad. (I managed to get a quick pic just before the end of this tasty thing - see the large bowl on the right in the photo below.

The flavors of all the dishes "worked well together," one person said, and other nodded agreement - there was some synergy of flavors going on.

Other dishes from our June-is-busting out meal, as described on the small food labels cooks prepared and left behind:
  • Homemade local pasteurized cottage cheese with chives
  • Chocolate-oatmeal no bakes. Contains peanut butter
  • Salad with grapefruit, etc. (No meat products)
  • Blackberry Cobbler. Yummy.
  • Lentil salad with veggies, walnuts, and feta
  • Cajun Black Beans & Rice w/local deer meat (shot by Steve @ a farm in Lawrenceburg KY); SPICEY
  • Pickled Beans (may be spicy)
  • Vegetarian Wheatberry Curry Salad
  • Spiced Curried Chickpeas with Homemade Paneer Cheese
Plus, I might say, a lovely bounty of wines.

One more gift from our Peanut Noodle Salad cook: Here is the recipe for the popular rice pudding she brought to an earlier supper: Rice Pudding "Gonzo" from Gourmet/

During the meal, some people visited the London Ferrell Community Garden about three minutes from the Cornbread Supper site, and some of us had fun eating mulberries from a tree in the Old Episcopal Burying Ground, one minute away.

Next week, June 8: Savory Cornbread Waffles, made on the spot! Gifted Eat Well At Home blogger, photographer, chef and restaurateur Jennifer Burchett says....Get Ready for Your Waffles - and we say, "Bring 'em on."

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