Monday, November 23, 2009

November 17, still with Campsie roses!

Warm fall days, even with some light frosts, have not stopped the production in the Campsie garden or our great nearby big sister garden space, the London Ferrell Community Garden.

With four beautiful, large, fragrant Abraham Darby roses on the table, we enjoyed the benefits of a group small enough to sit in one large oval and have deeper than usual conversations. We enjoyed these fine foods:
  • Beets with radishes pomegranate seeds, & celery, lemon/curry dressing
  • SPICY yellow curry with vegetables and tofu (and rice)
  • Local tomatoes, grits eggs, sage; exotic olive oil, black pepper, salt
  • Acorn squash (Lex), black lentils, tomatoes, goat cheese, parsley & home-grown herbs
  • Homemade cottage cheese: pasteurized Kentucky milk, salt, nothing else
  • Apple challah bread pudding with dulce de leche Bourbon sauce; Great Harvest Challah, Reed Valley Orchard apples, Kentucky dulce, Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • Reed Valley Orchard mixed apples: Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Brushy Mountain, York, ???
  • Kentucky black skillet buttermilk hot water cornbread; Weisenberger White Unbolted cornmeal not sweet, no gluten, vegetarian
  • New England Indian Pudding - vegetarian, sweet, no gluten; eat with cider-lemon sauce if you like
  • Cider Lemon Sauce (Reed Valley cider, Meyer lemons from a friend's sister's backyard in N'awlins)

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