Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cornbread Suppers October 4 and October 11, 2010

Cornbread Suppers the last two weeks have been full and busy, with lots of newcomers. Your documentarian turned into a host and mostly forgot about photography, except for the Butternut Bisque, above, from October 4. We do have many of the food description slips plus some memories of foods with no slips for the two weeks, so we have a bit of a record of what people brought:

October 11
  • Curried Sweet Potatoes (not spicy)
  • Apple Chutney
  • Mangoes w/lime, chili powder + honey
  • Backyard Salad
  • Orzo w/basil, mint, tomatoes + feta
  • Fine Cooking Buttermilk Cornbread (vegetarian)
  • Cooks Illustrated Southern Cornbread (vegetarian)
  • Baked Pears (Gluten free, vegetarian): pears [urban fruit rescue!], walnuts, feta (cow), orange/pineapple/banana juice
  • Baked Apples
  • Chocolate Grahams with Chocolate Chevre (Bleugrass Chevre)
  • Chocolate cookies

October 4
  • Lasagna (with beef & pork)
  • Cheese-y Red Pepper Cornbread (should be hot) vegetarian, no gluten
  • Berea College Farm Lettuce & Tomato (from Jennie)
  • Smashed Potatoes
  • Hot Curry Zucchini Pickles
  • Kentucky Traditional Black Skillet/Hot Water Cornbread
  • Lexington Pasta (Yea!) Ravioli with veal and three cheeses
  • Savory Cornbread
  • Butternut Bisque, contains dairy, vegetarian

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