Sunday, October 24, 2010

"What should I bring?"

> Yourself.
> Friends and family members.

Then, and only then, if you have time, energy, and means, we invite you to contribute to the shared meal.
> Food you make
> Food you buy
> Food you grow
> Wine, juice, sparkling water

All manner of foods come to cornbread supper, from blue-iced bakery cupcakes to home-cooked butterbeans from the cook's backyard. Bowls of fresh fruit. Simple salads. Meat dishes, and vegetarian ones, and vegan ones.

Yes, and cornbread. We LOVE it when people bring their own cornbread and corn-based dishes. We have yet to see a cornbread at Cornbread Suppers that happy eaters failed to appreciate. So if you're inclined, bring your cornbread.

Many diverse palates come to Cornbread Supper, and so many kinds of food and drink are offered and eaten. It's not all Slow Food or fancy food or homemade food -- though we adore and celebrate all those good things, of course. It's whatever you like and want to share.

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