Monday, November 29, 2010

Butterscotch Pudding, Adapted from David Lebovitz

With wonderful local milk, we sometimes make Butterscotch Pudding for Cornbread Suppers. David Lebovitz, former pastry chef at Chez Panisse and presently a cookbook author and food writer who lives in Paris (the one in France), developed and published this Butterscotch Pudding recipe.

You can cook the Lebovitz recipe just as printed and have good success. Here are ways we have tweaked it:

1. I have doubled and (almost unheard of) quintupled this recipe, cooking it in a slow cooker to avoid all the stirring. I do stir a lot, but I know it won't burn, at least. The end result is usually lumpy and weird in texture, and then it become silky smooth after I blend it for about 30 seconds (in batches) in my blender. Awesome.

2. As written, the recipe is unnecessarily sweet. Cut the brown sugar to a rounded 1/2 cup, and it seems wonderfully balanced.

3. For flavorings, lots of options. We have replaced the whiskey with vanilla. We have used two teaspoons each of Bourbon, dark rum, and vanilla. All are delicious. The whiskier version may give parents pause a child food, so sometimes we just use vanilla (which, of course, is itself alcohol - but not MUCH alcohol.)

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