Monday, May 23, 2011

Help Our Neighbors in Central Alabama

Tonight as people left another wonderful Cornbread Supper, lightning flashed and the storm siren sounded. We keep in mind the many people in nearby states who have suffered unbearable losses when conditions like these have grown into monstrous storms and tornadoes. I checked my email after people had left, and found this message from friend Ann Beard Grundy, who grew up in Birmingham, Alabama:

Do you think you could ask your network to consider helping out the storm victims in Central Alabama? My sister is an administrator at JCCEO, a major social service agency, and they are bombarded with the most basic of requests. We are speaking here of burial clothes, as families completely lost everything.

Tax deductible funds will be used to purchase food, medicines, prescription glasses, etc.

JCCEO Storm Victims Fund
c/o Yoland Beard Reese
300 West 8th Avenue
Birmingham, Alabama 35204

So yes, I'm asking my network, and asking you to share this forward on facebook and other means. It's still thundering as I write, with fierce rain. We are all in this together.

Use this link to share by email or facebook:

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