Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

The sizable crowd on this warm night included regulars, occasionals, visitors to regulars, newcomers, and plenty of eaters aged 12 and under. It was a night of particularly stunning desserts, including the fabled Kentucky pawpaw, which came with its own set of instructions and won several dazzled adherents after a fresh, custardy, tropical-flavored spoonful.

  • Experimental un-sweet cucumber sorbet
  • Local Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil | Oliva Bella Oil, Balsamico Incognito, Salt
  • Watermelon (KY)
  • Gluten Free Blueberry Corn Muffins
  • "Jewish" Noodle Kugel | cottage cheese, cream cheese, apples, pineapple
  • Spicy Refrigerator Pickles
  • Fresh Albacore Tuna Chowder (Not sourced locally :-)  )  *Gluten Free*
  • Cornbread w/Pork & roast summer veggies | GF
  • Cornbread w/Roast Summer Veggies | GF | Vegetarian
  • Cornbread w/HEAT & Roast Summer Veggies | GF | Vegetarian | Jalapeño from Big Ass Fans
  • Chess pie & Lemon pie from Shaker Village
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Banana Bread (no nuts)
  • (Local) Strawberry (l0cal) Buttermilk Experimental Gelato
  • Peach Kuchen
  • Fabulous Bars | Chocolate, Cherries, Puffed Rice, etc.
  • Extra Chess Pie
  • Pawpaws


How to eat a Pawpaw

  1. Cut in half at the "waist."
  2. Eat carefully with a spoon.
  3. Spit the seeds across the room.  Or across the street.

August 20, 2012

A small group and a lot of good food.

For example:

  • Whole wheat bread ( Weisenberger Mills) | Apple Butter (Reed Valley)
  • Savory Cornbread "Bread Pudding" | Could possibly have some meat (from leftover past cornbreads that we froze) | Hot on the left, Not Hot on the right
  • White bean hummus w/basil
  • Hot Brown Casserole | not vegetarian
  • Local Green Beans, Tomatoes, Basil | Oliva Bella Oil, Miscellaneous Balsamico
  • Nell's Famous Curried Carbanzo Bean Salad | (No Dairy) (Gluten Free)
  • Tonight's Blueberry Corn Muffins are Gluten Free

August 13, 2012

Small group, after a whopper August 7 gathering. School starts August 9 and Cornbread Supper usually changes a little as families get their schooltime routines down pat.

  • Local Ravioli with Potato, Tomato, Onion, Rosemary, Cheese | Lex Pasta, Good Shep Cheese
  • Asian Slaw | Tangy + Sweet
  • Pasta Salad w/Tomatoes, Feta, Olives, Basil, GARLIC
  • Summer Squash & Rice Casserole
  • Something with okra and peppers
  • All vegetarian, no add-ins, GF
  • Blueberry Corn Muffins | Vegetarian | No Nuts | Contain Gluten
  • Apple Pie w/Cheese
  • Peanut Butter Cookies

August 6, 20112

Cornbread Supper visited a historic city street, a legendary goat and goat cheese and sorbet farm, and a fabulous community garden during three Mondays in July, 2012. This week, we came home to 250 Campsie. Huge, whopper, enormous crowd. Not so many food ID slips, but trust us - goodness was on the table, in abundance.
  • Campsie warm beet/onion salad on spicy yellow lentils | vegan
  • Purslane Salad
  • Local Ravioli, Eggplant, etc., Sheep Cheese
  • Beans, green onion, tomatoes, garlic
  • Heirlooms w/House-made pesto
  • Lemon Basil Pesto w/Walnuts | Italian Bread (Weisenberger Mills Flour)
  • Mexican Casserole (spicy) Contains Pork
  • Meatloaf (Beef)
  • Green bean & Cherry Tomato Salad with basil and shallot dressing
  • Cornbread w/no add-ins | GF | Vegetarian
  • Cornbread w/Cheeses | GF | Vegetarian
  • Cornbread w/Cheeses & Sausage | GF | Not Vegetarian
  • Blueberry Corn Muffins | Vegetarian | Contains Gluten
  • Graham Cracker Treats
  • Bannoffee Pie | Cream, Chocolate, Banana, Biscuit Base, Caramel

July 9, 2012

This may have been the single largest Cornbread Supper ever. We don't know for sure, but it had that feel. In the amazing 80 degree weather, with a cool breeze on the front porch, and a strong contingent of 11-and-under, a full table, three birthday cakes, plenty of water, beer, and wine - what a night.

  • Potato Salad w/Celery, Apples, Dill, Parsley
  • Local Beans, Tomatoes, Basil | Olive Oil, Balsamico, Salt
  • White fish salad
  • Summer Fruit Platter
  • Grilled Slaw w/Gorgonzola Vinaigrette
  • Turmeric, Garlic & Herb Couscous w/Seasonal Vegetables
  • Pasta Salad w/Garden Squash, Olives, Almonds, Carrots & House-Preserved Lemons
  • Artichoke Dip
  • Wheat Pasta, basil, squash, garlic, red pepper flakes
  • Summer Soup (NOT vegetarian)
  • Johnson Avenue Peach Salsa ~  a little heat
  • Beet Salad w/Basil & Shallots
  • Corn pudding
  • Corn Batter Bread: 1909 recipe from The Blue Grass Cookbook (Minnie Fox) | Gluten Free, Vegetarian
  • Janice Kay's Cornmeal Muffins w/Reed Valley Orchard Blueberries | Vegetarian, Contain Flour
  • Three Martine's Cakes: Orange, Pistachio, Coconut
  • Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Peanut Butter Cookies