Parking for Cornbread Suppers

Please give our neighbors a real break by following our parking instructions.

First, if you live nearby and can walk or bike to Supper - applause!!!

If you come by car, please do NOT park on the south side of the 200 block of Campsie. This would seem the natural place to park as it's the side of the street that has our house on it, the side our house faces. But do not park on that side of Campsie at all. It's complicated, but because of the small median in the middle of the street, our neighbors will not have easy access to their own driveways if you park on this side of the street. (the side that the front of our house faces.) Park on the north side of Campsie's 200 block, or along both sides of the 300 (short) block. Parking is also available on both sides of Elm Tree Lane just around the corner from Campsie and Fourth.

And, even better, Heather Lyons, the dynamo who directs the Living Arts and Science  Center, our wonderful neighbor at the MLK end of Campsie, has generously invited Cornbread Supperians to use the LASC parking lot on Monday nights. If you become a regular LASC parker, please keep an eye on    the weekly email updates, because on a few occasions each year, the LASC needs that lot, and we will be asking that you NOT park there, just for that week. We are grateful to Heather and the LASC for this neighborliness.

If you don't know where to park and not park, call Steve or Rona and we'll help you get oriented. 859.252.0245. It does happen sometimes, because Cornbread Suppers are exciting and lots of things are happening and things get noisy, that we don't hear or don't answer the phone close to or after 6 PM on Monday nights. Just park somewhere, come to the door, find us, and we'll help you get situated.